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Onboarding Settings

Mixpost Enterprise allows you to configure the register Onboarding process according to the specifics of your business:

  1. Go to "Enterprise Console" (left-bottom user menu)
  2. Click on "Settings" (left sidebar)
  3. Here you will see the "Onboarding" tab item. Click on it.
  4. Made the changes.
  5. Save changes by clicking on the "Save" button.


What your customers see when they try to register:


Allow Register

Default: "Yes"

You can disable registration for new users by checking "No". Save changes by clicking on the "Save" button.

Form Title

Default: "Register your account"

Form Description

Default: "Start your free 7-day trial."


Default: "By registering you are accepting <a href="/terms" target="_blank">Terms Of Use</a>"

Change the Terms of Use page URL from "href=".

Html or Markdown support.