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Billing Settings

Mixpost Enterprise allows you to configure the system according to the specifics of your business:

  1. Go to "Enterprise Console" (left-bottom user menu)
  2. Click on "Settings" (left sidebar)
  3. Here you will see the "Billing" tab item. Click on it.
  4. Made the changes.
  5. Save changes by clicking on the "Save" button.



Default: "USD - US Dollar"

Billing cycle

Default: "Monthly/Yearly"

There are 3 cycles you can select:

  • Monthly/Yearly (default) - Will let your customers choose a period of subscription, monthly or yearly.
  • Monthly only - Your customer can only subscribe monthly.
  • Yerly only - Your customer can only subscribe yearly.

Trial Days

Default: "7"

By default, Mixpost has a 7-day trial period set up to provide trial periods to your customers. You can increase or decrease the number of days. If you want to disable Trials, you should leave it empty or set to 0.

Generic Trial

Default: "No"

If you would like to offer trial periods without collecting the user's payment method up front, you may check "Yes".


Default: "Yes"

By default, Mixpost prorates charges when swapping between plans. The "No" checkbox can be checked to allow customers to change subscription plans without prorating costs.

Swap and invoice

Default: "Yes"

Swap plans and immediately invoice the user instead of waiting for their next billing cycle. If you want when users change plans to wait for the next billing cycle, you can check "No".

Receipt Title

Default: 'Receipt'

This value is used in the receipt that the customer can download after the payment is successful. You can change it to anything you want, like "Invoice" for example.

Company Details

This information will appear on all of your receipts and is a great place to add your full business name, VAT number, or address of record. Do not include any confidential or financial information such as credit card numbers.

Plans Page URL & Title

Put your URL to the pricing or comparison plans on your website.


What your customers see when they try to subscribe to a plan: