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Open AI

Setting Up OpenAI Service

  1. Navigate to "Admin Console"

  2. Accessing "Services"

    • Within the admin console, from the left sidebar, find and click on the "Services" page.
  3. Selecting OpenAI

    • Inside the Services page, find and click on "OpenAI." This option allows you to configure the OpenAI settings for your platform.
  4. API Key Configuration

    • To use OpenAI services, you need an API Key. If you have one, insert it in the designated field. If not, generate a new one by visiting Follow the instructions there to obtain your API key.
  5. Activation

    • Look for a checkbox or toggle labeled "Active" and ensure it's checked or turned on.
  6. Saving Changes

Configuring AI Assist

  1. Navigate to "Admin Console"
    Go back to the Admin Console, but this time, navigate to the "Settings" section.
  2. Locating "AI" tab
    Within Settings, find and click on a tab named "AI". This section is dedicated to configuring AI-related features on your Mixpost instance.
  3. Selecting AI Provider
    In the AI settings area, you'll likely find an option to select your AI provider. Choose "OpenAI".
  4. Custom Instructions
    Here, you can write custom instructions or guidelines that you want the AI assistant to follow. This can include templates, use cases, or any specific directives relevant to your business.


By following these steps, you can successfully set up OpenAI services and utilize the AI Assist feature on your Mixpost instance. To test the AI Assist feature, create a new post and while editing your new post, look for the AI Assist tool in the editor's toolbar.