FAQ - Mixpost

I lost my APP_KEY, how I can generate a new key?

You can generate with: 

php artisan key:generate

After the update/upgrade of Mixpost my schedule didn’t work well

You have to restart the CRON task with:

php artisan horizon:terminate

How to change URL prefix "/mixpost"?

In Laravel application:

Add in the .env file this:


In Docker:

Add to the environment list in the docker-compose.yml file:

            LICENSE_KEY: 'example_license_key'
            APP_URL: https://your-domain.com


After changing this prefix, you can navigate to the Mixpost dashboard with the new prefix: https://your-app-url.com/my-prefix/

If you changed this prefix, be sure to change the callback URLs from all third-party services (Social Platforms and Payment Platforms).
Facebook callback URL example: 
 - Old: https://your-app-url.com/mixpost/callback/facebook_page
 - New: https://your-app-url.com/my-prefix/callback/facebook_page

My standalone app has stopped working

If your standalone application no longer works after you have made an update/upgrade or for other reasons, you could try to do the following:

Caching Configuration

php artisan config:cache

Caching Routes

php artisan route:cache

Clear views

php artisan view:clear

Clear cache data

php artisan cache:clear

Terminate Horizon

php artisan horizon:terminate

I will be restarted by your process monitor and receive your code changes